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The VeraSIL Antispetic Skin Cleanser product is a proprietary line of NanoSilver based products with revolutionary disinfectant capabilities and potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal preservative properties. The VeraSIL product line has been approved under the Canadian National Healthcare Products Directorate (NHPD) Monograph for Isopropyl Alcohol by combining 70% Isopropyl Alcohol with dilute NanoSilver and Hydrogen Peroxide to create a Hand Sanitizing Spray which is capable of killing harmful bacteria and germs commonly found of the hands and wrists. These unique capabilities / claim language is due to the combined use of Isopropyl alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide and a highly proprietary NanoSilver Technology called Nano Metallic Silver Tetrahedal Tetra-Oxide or NMSTTO.  There are now over 72 US and Foreign Patents associated with this specific NMSTTO which has been clinically proven to help kill and erradicate harmful bacteria / germs.

VeraSIL has formulated this NanoSilver technology into a unique Antiseptic Skin Cleansing Spray which has potent disinfectant and preservative capabilities. The result is a superior Hand Sanitizer that is capable of destroying harmful bacteria to provide for antiseptic cleaning and preventing the spread of bacteria/germs.

There are literally dozens and dozens of Hand Sanitizers on the market which contain  Organic ingredients in order to combat the drying effect of the Ethyl or Isopropyl Alcohol – however, once these organic ingredients (many of which are Oils) have been made soluble in water a broad spectrum preservative needs to be added, in order to kill microorganisms and water-borne bacteria, and to prevent contamination from bacteria, mold and yeast which can cause degradation of the product.

Such chemcial Preservatives play a very important function in skin care products containing water but, they are themselves – potential irritants and toxins. These chemicals also generate an inflammatory response in the skin which triggers the production of free radicals which in turn starts a destructive chain of events in the skin called an inflammation cascade. Immediate effects of inflammation on the skin causes roughness, tightness, redness and spots (hyper-pigmentation). Examples of such chemicals include preservatives such as Parabens (Methylparaben), Formaldehyde Releasing Agents (Hydantoin), Phenoxyethanol (Optiphen), Isothiazolinones (Kathon) and Organic Acids such as Sodium Benzoate. 

VeraSIL Antiseptic Skin Cleanser contains NanoSilver which is a natural Anti-microbial and Anti-fungal preservative – it does NOT CONTAIN any of the aforementioned potnetial irritants and toxins so it is safer and healthier for use on the skin.

To summarize, there is huge advantage to having a Hand Sanitizer which has the built in Antibacterial and Antimicrobial presercative properties of NanoSilver. The addition of Hydrogen Peroxider and the IPA to the NanoSilver serves to provide even more potent antibacterial benefits while the addition of Vitaman E at the same time helps prevent premature skin drying, peeling and crakcing.

For more detailed market analysis, please refer to the “Competitive Market Analysis” section on the QR Product Page.

INTRODUCING a Unique NanoMetallic Silver Tretrahedal Tetra-Oxide “NMSTTO” technology…..

The Science: The bacteriocidal benefits of ionic Silver to help heal and disinfect skin wounds and affections have been known for centuries but, when you compare the Antimicrobial performance of Ionic Silver to NanoSilver, there is a world of difference. While an ionic Silver particle has a negative charge of “1” our heavily patented NanoSilver technology has an oxide coating which contains up to 20,000 highly charged multivalent particles – all searching for electrons. Comparing NanoSilver to Ionic Silver is like comparing a ‘gattling gun’ to a ‘pea shooter’. Remember that when you are dealing with ‘ionic silver’ you are dealing with one single silver ion devoid of just one electon so, once it gains that electron back its “one and done” – when you are dealing with the VeraSILTM NanoSilver you are dealing with up to 20,000 highly charged multivalent charges on each Nanoparticle – iow’s – a sustained brut force attack. There are also several other modes of action which makes this NanoSilver product a superior Antibacterial cleanser.

Our NanoSilver also has a patented resonance frequency (similar to that of UV light) which is deadly to a diverse array of microorganisms.  In water, our NanoSilver particles and their highly electro-active oxide layer share electrons with the hydrogen bonds of the Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms, creating what is defined in the peer reviewed literature as “Structured Water”. This Structured Water creates the ability to ‘electrify’ the water particles which creates a phenomenon called High Energy Nanosonic Dynamic Dispersion Field or HENDDF. HENDDF creates the ability to eliminate polymicrobial biofilms and act as a powerful and Natural Antimicrobial Preservative as has been further evidenced in several peer reviewed / published research papers.

On its own, NanoSilver has long lasting anti-bacterial persistance but you can improve its short term bacterial kill times by combining it with dilute Hydrogen Peroxide. Together,  Hydrogen Peroxide and NanoSilver are highly synergistic but when you add 70% Isoprpyl Alcohol it is like supercharging the formulation – you gain the short term bacteriocidal benefit of the IPA and the long term bacterial persistance of the NanoSilver and Hydrogen Peroxide which together creates a very powerful Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer / Cleanser and Preservative.

For further details please visit the “Science of Nanotechnology” section (link here).

This specific NanoSilver compound has also been found to be completely safe for human ingestion/absorption and inhalation. In fact, it was recently tested in the largest human clinical trial on the saftey, efficacy and human ingestion of NanoSilver. The results of this human clinical trial has been published in a 3 separate PubMed reports. (Please refer to the “Science of Nanotechnology” tab)

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