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Most people have heard of the centuries old proven antimicrobial benefits of Silver….In fact, the advantages of Silver date as far back as 300 BC when the Ancient Romans used to line their Aquaducts with Silver to provide for safe potable drinking water.

A Canadian Company named VeraSIL Therapeutics, Research, Inc., has been working exclusively with an American Nanotechnology manufacturer named American Biotech Labs (“ABL”) to develop a unique Antimicrobial, Skin Sanitizer product which utilizes a Nano-technology referred to as “Hydro-Nanon”. 

Our “Hydro-Nanon” technology is based on a proprietary world class Silver Nanotechnology which has been clinically documented over the past 15 years and was recently cleared for commercial sale by the Canadian HPB in a variety of formats.

The primary mode of action for this NanoSilver technology is “Nano- catalytic” rather than chemotherapeutic so, there is no known bacterial, fungal or viral resistance to this unique Nano particle. NanoSilver is also proven to irradicate Fungi such as Aspergillus niger and Candida albicans with 4 and 5 log reductions in less than 1 hour.  When combined with dilute Hydrogen Peroxide and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol you get a potent antibacterial skin cleanser and antifungal preservative capable of retarding and reducing the growth of harmful bacteria /germs.

Additonally, clinical tests show that the VeraSIL Antiseptic Skin Cleanser is highly effective against a wide range of micro-organisms.

The NanoSilver is not a drug. It is not metabolized by the body. Human ingestion and animal injection studies show that this NanoSilver is not harmful to human tissues but deadly to microorganisms. Our ABL partners recently performed the worlds largest human ingestion study on NanoSilver and was able to clearly demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of this NanoSilver technology and that it is completely safe and non toxic to the human body*

*REF 140: Munger MA, Radwanski P, Hadlock GC, Stoddard G, Shaaban A, Falconer J, et al. In vivo human time-exposure study of orally dosed commercial silver nanoparticles. Nanomedicine 2014;10:1–9.

The Hydro-Nanon particle has a solid metallic core which ranges b/w 5-7 Nm in diameter and has a patented resonance frequency (b/w 890-910 TeraHertz the same as Ultraviolet Light A+B frequency). This solid NanoSilver particle has a unique silver tetrahedal shape with a tetraoxide surface coating that has a powerful, electrostatic, nano-catalytic mode of action. This NanoSIlver particle has been proven to kill a broad range of microorganisms without causing harm to the host. The highly charged nature of this particles oxide layer generates its own magnetic field which is able to eradicate bacteria and their assoc -iated polymicrobial biofilms.

The “Hydro-Nanon” name comes from the effect that these NanoSilver particles have on harmful microbes when submersed in water.

The results of VeraSIL’s R&D and Regulatory efforts has lead to the development of a highly unique Antiseptic Skin Cleanser which have been proven to help reduce bacteria and prevent / retard the growth of fungus and bacteria in the Antispetic Spray without causing skin irritation.

This more than any other key feature and benefit is what makes our NanoSilver technology so unique.

This proprietary NanoSilver Technology is associated with well over 400 published studies, bacterial and viral challenge tests conducted by over 60 independent companies, labs, universities, and government institutions.

According to the National Institutes of health (“N.I.H.”) the ONLY technology in the world which has the potential to legitimately address / resolve the issues of wound healing and disinfection as well as pain and inflammation concerns in the Dental Industry, is Nanotechnology. But today, there are only a handful of commercially available Nanotechnology based dental products – none of which are suitable wound healing and or disinfectant agents.

The unique part about this Hydro-Nanon technology is that while it is able to eradicate a broad range of pathogenic bacteria, yeast (fungii) and viruses, it is also a clinically proven wound healing agent that helps reduce pain and inflammation.  This more than any other key feature and benefit is what makes our NanoSilver technology so unique. The fact that these products can be used to help improve clinical outcomes for patients and can be done so at a significant cost savings are an added bonus for the Dentist.

Current (commercially available) Nanotechnology has until very recently been strictly limited to addressing structural issues by reinforcing resins and PMMA materials with nano-ceramics. BUT, it is capable of so much more…

A Truly Unique NanoMetallic Silver technology.

Under Scanning Electron Microscope (“SEM”) the crystalline lattice ‘shell’ or ‘oxide layer’ which surrounds the solid Nanometallic core of our OraSIL and CuraSIL product lines contain up to 20,000 highly charged multivalent particles of Ag2O2 and Ag4O4 on its surface.

NanoSIlver Particle Clusters

Separation b/w Individ. NPs 3-5Nm. Indicate ChargedMagneticFields

Silver NPs undergo Irreversible change during Manufacturing. Bound to and Remain stable in water. Do not dissolve out of solution.

Electrostatically Charged Water. “Structured Water”- Dr. Rustum Roy, PhD (Mol. Bio)

Electron Micrograph studies performed at Brigham Young University 12/22/2016.

NanoSilver PARTICLE with superoxide “Halo”

TEM sample: 15 nm particle showing the internal interference pattern which is indicative of a solid metallic core PLUS the Halo effect which indicates the surface coating of Ag4O4.

Electron Micrograph studies performed at Brigham Young University 12/22/2016.


TEM sample: particle showing the interference pattern with measurable surface of Ag4O4 and 3D Tetrahedal form

Electron Micrograph studies performed at Brigham Young University 12/22/2016.

It is this distinctly unique Oxide Layer and Tetrahedal Shape which gives rise to the name NMSTTO or Nano Metallic Tetrahedal TetraOxide.

This highly reactive Silver oxide layer provides for a brut force, attack on surrounding microoganisms and is why the NMSTTO particles are so highly effective at killing bacteria. Comparing NanoSilver to regular Ionic Silver is like comparing a ‘gattling gun’ to a ‘pea shooter’. Remember that when you are dealing with ionic silver you are dealing with only “one and done” – when you are dealing with DDSource’s NanoSilver, you are dealing with a sustained brut force attack from an oxide layer with over 20,000 individually +vely charged Silver oxide charges. There are numerous other modes of action which make these NanoSilver particles a superior Wound Healing. Disinfectant and Biofilm Eliminator……Our NanoSilver also has a patented resonance/vibrational frequency (similar to that of UV light) which is deadly to a diverse array of microorganisms. In water, our NanoSilver particles and their highly electro-active oxide layer shares electrons with the hydrogen bonds of the Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms creating what is defined in the peer reviewed literature as “Structured Water”. This Structured Water creates the ability to ‘electrify’ the water particles and disperse this vibrational frequency which travels through the water creating a phenomenon called H.E.N.D.D.F. or “High Energy Nanosonic Dynamic Dispersion Field”.  The H.E.N.N.D.F., phenomenon is responsible for the elimination of a diverse range of polymicrobial biofilms as has been further evidenced and confirmed in several peer reviewed / published research papers.

Please refer to Appendix D in the Research Appendices tab below for links to these peer reviewed publications.

The H.E.N.N.D.F., phenomenon has broad spectrum Antimicrobial efficacy and can erradicate Polymicrobial Biofilms because the electrostatically charged NanoSilver particles are bound to the water in which the bacteria are suspended. This means the the water carries the ionized charges of the NanoSilver so they do not have to make physical contact with each individual microorganism – the water does this!  Essentially the NanoSilver solution is a highly sophisticated and stable form of Superoxided Water.

The NanoSilver contained in the OraSIL and CuraSIL product lines have long term proven stability in solution. Stability tests have repeatedly demonstrated that our NanoSilver is stable in solution for for well in excess of 10 years – in fact it meets the US FDA standard for a USP 51 CFR21 Part 58 Antimicrobial Preservative.

The Scientific advantages of NanoSilver in Dentistry has been well established in the peer reviewed Literature** as have the issue of Antibiotic resistance. While there is peer reviewed literature/research whcih supports NanoSilver as being potentiating and synergistic with 18 different classes of Aminoglycosides, none of the competitive Wound healing or Disinfectant products have this same capability. REF – Addressing the issues of BioFilm and Antibiotic resistance have both become a major problem and focus in the Healthcare industry.

** Silver NanoPaticles in Dentistry –  A review of 155 peer reviewed articles, Dental Materials Volume 33, Issue 10, October 2017, Pages 1110-1126

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